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Haiti help by Rodeo auction

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Buy nice stuff – help Haiti! You find Rodeo magazines Haiti help auction here


Ethno chic

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Get that ethno-Peter Gabriel-african drum-feeling! Buy here


In shopping, Tech on 28 januari, 2010 at 3:23 e m

I love these. Bit retro, bit future. Some colour. Some metal. And not expensive either! One might think I was paid to market these, but oh no, only the pleasure of knowing my fellow co-humans out there might be the happy owner is a reward. Buy here

Rodebjer S/S 10

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Oh little ones, when will you be mine?

In 4 weeks time…

In Chamonix on 21 januari, 2010 at 1:50 e m

this is where you find me!

Bills, bills, bills

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In just a few weeks, we’ll leave the cold and snow of Sweden for.. the cold and snow of France. Why? The mountains are higher, the air clearer and the choices of cheese immense. To prepare, I got new bindings and entered this competition. Who doesn’t want to win a little something to keep your precious cash in?

Hello there

In shopping on 19 januari, 2010 at 11:50 f m

Where are you, my spare EUR 599 when I need you?

Up, up and away…

In Snowboard on 14 januari, 2010 at 2:48 e m

Ok son, no pressure but you would make mummy so proud if…

2009 in sentences Part 1

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Did a lot of walking with stroller and other mums

Did a lot of walking with stroller and other mums
Ami got married

Did a lot of walking with stroller and other mums
A funeral ;(

The first start up meeting for our make up community
C & A weddingparty

The month of chaos, baptism of baby and hanging out with sister in law w. family.

Lots of parties and a lot of trying to heal.
Morrisey concert
Pet Shop Boys concert – Brilliant!

Still trying to heal.
Vacation from parental leave.
Discovered the greatness of the Twilight-saga.
Arvika festival.
London with husband.
Toured Sweden – west/east/south

2009 in sentences Part 2

In 2009 on 11 januari, 2010 at 11:24 f m

Life re-started officially.
Lot of hanging ad the open daycare, drinking coffe and planning future.

Went to Mallorca for a week. Tropical thunder and sun. Baby’s first meet and greet with the mediterranean.
Pet Shop Boys concert

Baby turned one.
Worked for the first time in a year. Strange. Fun!
Attended the 24 hour business camp.

Got hooked on Doctor Who – again

Preparing for christmas.
Preparing for new year.
Preparing for our 4 week stay in chamonix.

…and lots and lots of new babies arrived, books released and I realised Depeche Modes new album was crap.