What to bring, what not? Going away for 5 weeks+ with a wee one demands skills and most importantly logistics. What and what’s not to be found on location? What to bring, what to leave behind? We’re not going to Pandora but still, overpacking is irritating and unnecessary. So, how to solve the over-packing issue? Lists. Shareable in Google Docs. By creating lists I’m trying to fool myself into the belief of not bringing to many things, too many bags. But, with a toddle, it’s not that easy. There’s a bed, sheets, toys in various shapes and sizes, food, clothes. And then boards and boots and clothes for parents and yes, you get the picture… This weekend we will do the Beta Packing session. Next weekend, final Packing session.

Now I have to practice some french. Au revoir.


One thought on “Preparations

  1. Välling, välling, välling. Helt oumbärligt. Har man välling klarar man allt. Och det finns bara i Sverige. Eller möjligtvis Norge, men det är ju inte dit ni ska.

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